Monday, March 23, 2009

Library Resources

Free Internet/Email Access
Go to the circulation desk to pick up an internet card. There is no charge. You can choose a 15 minute or 55 minute session, and with the card you get 2 sessions per day. Take some form of ID to get your internet card.*

After you have an internet card, you go to the reservation station scanner. You swipe your card, then you are assigned to the next available computer.

Once at your computer, you have to enter a pin to log on. That is provided for you. When your time is up, the computer resets for the next person to use it.

If you need to print anything out, there are printers at the librarian's desk. Each page is 25 cents.

*If you don't have an ID, come to the Stewpot on Monday mornings at 8AM and sign up to get a Stewpot ID.

Job Resource Center
The Job Resource center is on the 5th floor of the public library downtown. They offer computer classes, extended internet sessions, resume proofreading and more.

For other locations and specific course listings (GED, ESL, Computer) check out:

Make sure to read the Library Code of Conduct.

Useful Websites
Some good sites to check out:

GMAIL - Sign up for a free email account
HOTJOBS - Search for jobs
CRAIGSLIST - Search for jobs and housing
GOOGLEMAPS - Get to where you're going by foot, car, or public transit
LIBRARY - Library Information

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