Wednesday, April 14, 2010


One of the most critical issues facing many in the homeless community is the need to resolve legal problems. To meet this need, the Dallas Municipal Courts, the Dallas City Attorney’s office, and private attorneys in collaboration with The Stewpot provide complete Class C misdemeanor case resolution (other than thefts and assaults). A significant aspect of the Class C misdemeanor resolution is the alternative sentencing program. Community service organizations provide counseling and volunteer work opportunities to satisfy conditions of the alternative sentencing program imposed as a result of a guilty plea.

The Next City of Dallas CLASS C Community Court will be held on Saturday June 12th at the Stewpot. Applications are on-line at or can be picked up at the Stewpot any time between now and May 14th.

The June 12 Community Court at The Stewpot is for homeless participants only. The offenses must be homelessness-related. DART citations are not included.

Bring your completed application to the Stewpot on the corner of Young Street and Park Avenue, or mail it to The Stewpot, 408 Park Avenue, Dallas, Texas 75208 on or before Friday May 14 th.

Participants in the Community Court are asked to report to The Stewpot for the actual “court” on Saturday June 12 th at 8 am, and to come prepared to work.

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