Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Job Postings

Company: Unlisted Convenience Store
Job Openings: Experienced Cashier
Requirements: night shift
How to Apply: leave information with related experience: 214-724-0700

Company: Pluckers Wing Bar
Job Openings: Cook/Prep/Dish; Delivery Drivers
Requirements: none listed
How to Apply: 5500 Greenville Ave. Dallas or www.pluckers.net

Company: Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
Job Openings: Cashiers; Delivery Drivers
Requirements: Drivers: current DL and insurance
How to Apply: 2222 Medical District Dr. Dallas

Company: Jimmy John’s, Richardson
Job Openings: Inshop & Driver positions
Requirements: drivers: 18+; valid DL and proof of insurance
How to Apply: Call 972-234-6938 before 10am or after 2pm ONLY

Company: Steak n Shake
Job Openings: Fountain Operator
Requirements: none listed
How to Apply: 7940 North Central Expressway Suite 102 Dallas 75206

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